Sir David Osagie Nollywood actor dies hours after filming on set

There is a proverb that says “When death comes knocking it always comes uninvited”.

Sir Osagie who was on set yesterday 3 May 2022 shooting a movie would never believed that he will be no more today.

Sir Osagie who is normally known for his active role as a king in most of his movies was announced dead in the early hours of today as friends and colleagues were seen paying tribute to the actor on Instagram where his dead was announced.

It was a shocking news and some of them are still in disbelieve about what has happened to the actor.

According to one of the comment on the social media site” After shooting yesterday they went to have a rest hoping to continue today 4th may but the actor never woke up from his sleep. He was not sick neither did he show any sign of health issues. Life sometime is unexplainable May his soul rest in peace.

Sir David Osagie

Sir David Osagie tribute

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