Crypto shilling service on telegram Facebook and twitter

Crypto shilling service on telegram Facebook and twitter

My name is Oboh Ernest, I am a blogger and an internet marketer, I am here to help you take your business to the next level, I have been in the crypto sector since 2017 and I have gained good experience when it comes to promoting your crypto project on telegram, and bitcointalk.


I will shill and promote your ICO, crypto project, bots and website on crypto shilling groups on telegram and other crypto platforms.


My aim is to make sure you get the desired result as I will manually shill your Ico or Crypto project to different functional telegram groups, so are you looking for a telegram Shiller or do you need telegram shilling for your Crypto project, then you are in the right place to get the best Crypto shilling service.


I also have one of the top telegram shilling gigs on Fiverr and I have had multiple successes working on the platform.

I am very sincere with my dealings as I will always be open to all my clients and give proof of work. you can reach me on my telegram via

Here are some reviews of my clients

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