The Nigeria economy is currently undergoing economic breakdown and the best way to cushion the effect of the economy on your finances is to be an active investor as working a 9-5 job will not save you from inflation which is currently at 28.89%.


Investment is the best way to fight inflation and also give you the financial freedom you need.


Although Investment used to be difficult until technology made it easier for everyone who chose to invest. This article will show you the best app to buy stock in Nigeria.


List of investment apps in Nigeria


  1. Trove
  2. Bamboo
  3. Risevest
  4. Piggyvest
  5. Cowrywise
  6. Quidax
  7. Chaka
  8. Getequity 
  9. Pillow fund
  10. I-invest


Trove is a digital investment app that gives millions of Nigerians the opportunity to invest in local and foreign stocks and shares.


It’s straightforward to use and it gives you the best investment options based on your capital.


With Trove you can invest as little as one to ten thousand naira. So with a minimum of One thousand naira, you can invest in bonds, stocks and an ETF. The best part is you can either do this in Naira or in US dollars.



Bamboo is another amazing investment app that makes investment simple. With Bamboo, you have a variety of investments that will give you high returns both in the Nigerian market and the US market.


You can buy and sell shares and stock with Bamboom at an affordable rate.




Risevest is an investment app that manages assets in dollars.


Dollar is one of the strongest currencies in the world so investing in dollarised assets from Nigeria gives you an edge over others. 


Risevest gives Nigerians the opportunity to invest in the US market. Some of the investment products include US stocks and real estate.




Piggyvest is a saving platform in Nigeria that encourages most young people to have the habit of saving.


Apart from using piggyvest to save your money and get good interest. You can also invest through Piggyvest with as little as N5000.




Cowrywise is a wealth management digital app that is mainly built for young Nigerians. It allows you to invest in their large pool of mutual funds both in Naira and dollars.


Cowrywise was built as a savings platform so it is one of the best savings apps you can find online as they help you to grow into wealth.



Cryptocurrency is another amazing form of investment but before jumping into it make sure you learn and do good research.


Quidax is an app that helps you buy and save your cryptocurrency. If you love cryptocurrency then you should love quidax. 



Chaka is another amazing investment app that Nigerians can use to invest both in foreign and local stock.

Chaka is licensed by the SEC so this gives it high credibility when it comes to investment. Chaka opens its investment opportunities to both companies and individuals. 




Getequity is an app that gives you easy access to venture capital. This platform allows companies and individuals to find funds and trade digital assets.

Getequity app is easy to navigate so you do not need any special training to use the app.


Pillow fund


Pillow fund allows you to save in dollars. The Nigerian economy is highly dependent on the dollar so saving in dollars is a smart idea with high return. Pillow funds give you a 14% annual return on your savings and you can also buy and sell cryptocurrency on the platform.



I-invest gives Nigerians the opportunity to buy and manage Eurobonds, Treasury bills, shares, fixed deposits, commercial paper and insurance. With I-invest you can build your investment portfolio. 


If you are looking for an app to invest from Nigeria, these apps can help you get all the investment options you need in Nigeria. you can invest both in Naira and US dollars in these apps. they are easy to use. All you need to do is register and complete your KYC.

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