Do you have a project you would love to complete and don’t have the fund to complete the project?


Then let me show you how to save $5000 or more in 3 months and get your project completed.


It may be a difficult task but you can do it. Most rich people live on savings and this is not just a few months’ savings, it’s the long-term savings that give them the kind of life that attracts you to them.


Before you start saving money there are a few factors you need to put in check and these factors include 


Get a job: if you do not have a job, get one and start working, this will help you pay off your debts, and bills and put some extra money in your pocket to save.


Cut down debt: You must cut down your debt by paying off the loan you own the bank if you intend to save money using your bank account.


This will help you remove the interest incurred from the loan and gives you the chance to save from your daily and monthly earnings.


Stop living to impress people: You can never save money if your intention is to make people feel good about you. Do not buy expensive things, you do not need them. You must only buy and use services below your daily or monthly earnings. Instead of visiting expensive restaurants cook your own food. This will put some extra money in your pocket which can be saved.


How to save up to $1000 monthly 


Now that you are free from debts and you have also cut down your expenses, you can use this method to save money daily.


Save the extra $100 bill: Try to put away every extra $100 you have after spending, you can either take the money to the bank or keep it in a savings box where it will be hard to get it out. Once you save the money, remove your mind from it as if it never existed.


Repeat this process daily and you will be surprised how much you have been able to keep. 


If you save $500 in one week that will be $2000 in one month and in 3 months you already have $6000 waiting for you to complete that project.



I hope these simple steps help you save money, if you can put more effort into your savings life you will have no limit n it comes to achieving your goals.when it comes to finance. 

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