GMG will possibly Crash this May

Is GMG a legit investment company?

No, GMG is not a legitimate investment company. It’s just another Ponzi scheme that is used to scam gullible Nigerians.

Although there is a company from Australia called the Graphene Manufacturing Group, this company is no where associated with the Ponzi scheme called GMG.

If you are considering investing on the website, just be careful because you are throwing your money in a deep pit.

The current GMG that pays you 1 thousand naira daily when you invest 4 thousand naira is using your own money to pay you and then use the friends you reffered to also pay you.

This is the best time to stop investing your money on GMG because it will crash before the end of May.

We are always ready to give you GMG News update. And as of today people are already finding it hard to get their money after they withdraw.

You may want to know what is GMG investment
The truth is that there is no investment, no physical product or digital product. If you decide to dash them your money you will have yourself to blame.

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