Who is the best afrobeat musician in Nigeria

When you get into the streets of Nigeria, precisely the city of Lagos and use local English to ask Who is the best singer in Nigeria you will get different answers and may end up not coming to a conclusion on the matter.

Nigeria is blessed with many amazing talents in the music industry but when it comes to who is the best Afrobeat artist in Nigeria, you need to go through different criteria to find an answer to that big question because these artists have their who unique ways of passing morals, love and political message through their music.

Now let’s look at the top 5 biggest artists in Nigeria, their lyrics and their pattern of music. 

Burner Boy: Burner Boy has a unique style of delivering his music to his fans. if you are a Burner Boy’s fan you will always get a life lesson from his song. he always talks about himself in his lyrics but never forgets to pass a word of wisdom with his storyline style of lyrics.

Although his songs are not always for the clubs meanwhile they tend to stand the test of time. this means if you play a Burner Boy’s song after 10 years it will still be relevant to your current situation.

Wizkid: Wizkid is good and no doubt one of the biggest artist in Africa but a majority of his song fades away quickly because it is more of a perishable lyrics as they must be instantly consumed.

Wizkids has good lyrics and presents his song in a way that catches the attention of the youth fast as most of his songs are always for the clubs. A typical Wizkid fan is someone that lives for the moment and has no worries about tomorrow.

Olamide: Olamide has been in the recessive part of music lately but that does not stop him from making this list. he is an artist that has captured the Yoruba community with his Yoruba style of rap music. Olamide who is more into the music business than actually doing music has a similar effect on his fans like Wizkid. his lyrics are good but it’s too narrowed to the Yoruba people.

Davido: Davido is not just a musician but rather a motivational music artist because of the way the artist carries himself. with his 30BG gang, he has been able to inspire a lot of youth who dream to make it big in life because most of them see him as a mentor. his music is top-notch and can be easily consumed by a roadside hawker, an executive officer and even the political class.

Davido is one artist that carries everyone along when writing a song. he makes sure that people can easily relate to the message he is passing through his music.

CKay: if you are a lover of good music and lyrics then you will know that CKay’s music is one of the most underrated but one of the best artists in Nigeria. when it comes to writing sensational love songs that come with melodious lyrics Ckay is the best in Nigeria. Ckay’s music will always stand the test of time as long as love still exists.


Picking the best Afrobeat artist in Nigeria may become problematic because the country has so many good artists who are even better than the list of artists mentioned above. Nigeria is a blessed country when it comes to music and it will be difficult to choose the biggest artist in the country.

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