How to make money from Quickteller by becoming a paypoint agent in Nigeria

If you already have a business running, then you should consider adding some extra service to your business to make more money. It is possible that you must have heard of quickteller which is an online system where money can be sent, received, and bills can be paid.

If you have already started using quickteller, this article will teach you how to use quickteller to make money.

You can become a quickteller PayPoint agent to make some cool money from the comfort of your business place with a little effort because all you need to get started is your smartphone with an internet connection.

So if you are a small business or an already established business there is a space for you as a quickteller paypoint agent.

What is quickteller Paypoint Program?

Quickteller paypoint agent is a program that gives big and small business owners the right to offer essential service like Bill Payment, Funds Transfer, Cash Deposits, Cash Withdrawals, Insurance, and Airtime Recharge to customers in their community through the quickteller PayPoint app, while they earn a mouthwatering commission.

How to become a quickteller PayPoint agent

To become a quickteller agent click here to subscribe, fill in your details into the registration form. You must make sure you meet all the necessary criteria before you start filling the form. Some of the criteria to become a quickteller PayPoint agent include

  • You must be a business owner
  • Your business must be located in a place where people can easily access. (physical location)

There are different categories for a business to join depending on the kind of business you are operating; these categories are classic, standard and prestige.

Classic: this category can be joined by individuals and unregistered business like those who have POS stations or umbrella stand can be a part of this category.

Standard: this category is for small business owners like a chemist, small restaurants, saloons and grocery shop (provision store).

Prestige: business-like pharmacy, petrol stations and fast food restaurant falls into this category

Benefits of becoming a quickteller PayPoint agent

  • You earn an extra income from all transaction you make on the quickteller platform
  • You are guarantee to make money due to the number of services offered on the quickteller platform
  • People trust the quickteller platform because it is a well-known brand
  • You can do all banking services as a quickteller PayPoint agent, and this makes you more relevant in your community.





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