How to make money with your smart phone in Nigeria

If you are broke in Nigeria, then you can start making money today.


There are lots of people out there using their mobile data to browse Facebook and Instagram, they do nothing but check for the latest news and videos.


What if I tell you that you can start making money today without investing any money into the business but only using your data and reaching out to business owners.

Yes, it looks like a joke but it’s true. You can start an electronics business or any other kind of business without a start-up capital but all you need is a phone and data.


Let’s take a look at this easy way to get yourself employed.


How to start an electronics business with no capital.


There are lots of electronics sellers in your local market and they need customers. All you need to do is to meet them and tell them you want to help them sell their products.


They will tell you the different prices of the products. Use your smartphone and take a picture of the products. It might be a television set, washing machine or any other electronics.


Most times I sell washing machines because people quickly buy them. But I advise that you sell what you can easily market.


Post these products online, and when you get a customer call the owner and inform them about the client coming to pick up a product. Note, make sure you conclude the pricing with your prospective client before messaging the owner of the goods.


Best platform to sell your products in Nigeria


Facebook marketplace: You can easily upload pictures of the electronics on the Facebook marketplace free of charge and start selling right away.


Jiji. ng: Jiji is Nigeria’s number one marketplace where you can buy and sell all kinds of products. All you need to do is create an account and upload the products. Although Jiji only allows one type of product in a given category, you can also boost your product by placing ads on the website.


Whatsapp status: if you have a lot of contacts, start selling to them immediately. Your WhatsApp status is a good selling tool that you can use to market your products


Facebook story: You can target people that stay in the same city as you and add them up. If you have up to 5000 friends on Facebook that stay in your city then you will be able to sell at least 2-3 friends weekly.


Instagram story: You can sell to people that follow you on Instagram. This means that your followers who view your story are prospects that will buy from you someday.


Facebook Reel: create a Facebook page and make videos about a certain product. Make sure you are good at explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the product and soon you will start getting lots of people asking to buy from you.



There are different ways to sell, all you need to do is to be innovative and create ideas that will help you market the product and make some good money.

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