Do you have passion for the fashion industry but, you are not a tailor yet,and you have ideas on how to design mind blowing style? Then you can own a fashion house or start a tailoring company.

Here is the deal, this idea can be applied in any country in the word, so you don’t have to limit yourself, all you have to do is think out side the box, and you will have your fashion business running within the shortest possible time.

How to become a fashion designer

You need to have basic tailoring knowledge to get started, first learn how to take measurement, then know how to properly explain a given style especially for the ladies fashion.
One thing you need to understand when it comes to fashion is the ability to add a new styles to an existing one so, if you have that in you then you can jump into the fashion business.

However try and take a pulse and look at the financial aspect, if that is not a problem then N250000 can get you started in no time.
You can rent a shop depending on your city, N100,000 can take care of that, the next step is to buy sowing machine which is around N45000 in the market or you can check jumia for affordable price.

The other 50000 will help you hire a tailor for the first 3 month with basic salary of N10000 per month and buy few materials like landing,zip,and other necessary tools you need.
Now that you are set, marketing is very important, you have to market yourself, follow these simple steps to market your fashion business.
Visit fashion blogs and download different Ankara style into your phone.

Open a Facebook and Instagram page add friends and upload the downloaded design. Make sure your tailor is very competent and he or she can easily sow the designs you upload.

If you have extra capital you can run ad on Facebook and Instagram. Present your self as a professional,try not to look fuzzy.
Visit banks,government offices and, schools, show the female bankers different styles from your phone and you will be surprised at the response.
Don’t be too cheap,people don’t value cheap things.

Improve your fashion skills and enjoy your new status and business as a fashion designer.

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