How i made money online with Jiji,Olist and Respectmart

If you are out of school, and still waiting to find a job at this point of the Nigerian economy then you have to look with an extra eye to find one.

When I was in my 3rd year at the university, I met a senior colleague who just graduated from my department.

I was filled with excitement to hear some good news about securing a job so, I went to him and asked: “bro have you got a job, and how is it like out there searching for a job?”

I was waiting to hear something so sweet and pleasant News, but unfortunately, I was disappointed.

He said to me “don’t worry about finding a job now, but I promise you that you will survive when you get there”.

I graduated from the university, and I immediately went for my National youth service corps (NYSC program).

After enjoying the federal government 1800 it all came to an end in June 2015.

I looked for jobs, and the ones I got made me work like a slave and even cried after doing the job.

I thought it was going to be an easy like our parents use to say.

“Once you are a graduate, you will leave a better life with a good job” I didn’t know that the table has turned.

How I saved myself from unemployment

I took a voluntary job at the school of midwifery with no sort of encouragement,I thought I was doing myself well by offering free labour, but it was a total waste of time.

One day a friend asked me to help him check for the price of a tv set because he wanted to sell the one his sister sent from abroad, so I went on olx which has been acquired by Jiji.

I created an account and started looking for the price of tv. I got some price ideas,

I told him that I can sell the tv for him so I took some pictures of the LG tv with my blackberry bold 5 phones.

I posted it on jiji,and that was how I sold that tv and got a commission of 5000.

The following week I went to labbason electronic in Benin and told them I can sell their products online.

They welcomed it and even gave me a job after I explained to them. I posted their products online and that was how we started getting sales.

I was selling for them and also making good money for myself with a mouthwatering commission.

I had no product, shop or capital to start a business but I had so many products to sell simply by using online market places like jiji and respectmart with continuous cash out of a minimum of 50,000 naira monthly.

You can equally use this same strategy and start making cool money online, it’s a very easy process to start.

All you need to do is create an account with online market places like, or and start selling immediately.

After creating your account, visit your local sellers and tell them you can help them sell their products.

They will give you the price list, take a very clear picture of the product you want to sell and post them on the site while you wait for customers to call you.

That’s all you need to do to get started. I have you this method to make consistent passive income, and I still do it till today.

You can give it a trial and start selling immediately.


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