For those who aren’t familiar with the artiste Chris brown, although I bet you would be, Chris Brown is what can best be described as a gentleman and one of this era biggest pop star, a graffiti artist, a good dancer, a rapper, an actor and an R&B singer who has a hold of multi-platinum albums and various top 10 singles to his credit and on many occasions, he is likened to the legendary artiste Michael Jackson.

Chris Brown is indeed a multifaceted entertainer, and here is how an artist so talented yet full of mishaps has been able to accrue such a high net worth as of January 2020.


Christopher Maurice Brown’ popularly known as Chris Brown was born on the 5th of May 1989, to ‘Joyce Hawkins’ who was at that time a director of a day-care station and to ‘Clinton Brown’ who served as a prisons officer. He was raised in an atypical hometown of Tappahannock, Virginia alongside his older sister ‘Lytrell Bundy Brown’.

Chris was sickly as a child and often had seizures, he lived a bewildered childhood after his parents got separated and his mother got married again an abusive man. With his passion for music, Chris had to quit schooling at Essex High School in order to focus on his musical career in New York.

Before breaking up with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, the couple had a regular affair together. Chris got involved in other relationships with several ladies which one later became his baby mama ‘Nia Guzman’ who gave birth to his first daughter ‘Royalty brown’. In 2019, MTO News confirmed that ‘Chris and Rita Ora’ are a couple now.

Brown’s passion for music started at a young age when his mother inspired him to participate in his church singing group through which he performed at various talent-fanfares. While still young, Chris was into soul melody before he developed an interest in hip-hop music. In the year 2002, a production studio, ‘Hit mission Records’, discovered the youngster’s talent at a petrol station and later supported him with a voice skipper program to improve his voice.

His mother who is his greatest motivation, recognized her son’s passion after he did a cover of Usher’s single ‘My Way’ and pursued to sign him in a recording label. He got involved in a deal with ‘Def Jam label’ in 2004 who was impressed by Brown’s demo in the New York office leading them to present him to the labels former CEO.

Brown’s mentor ‘Davis’ advanced the singer to a far higher record label known as ‘Jive Records’. In the year 2005, the young singer dropped his entree album ‘Chris Brown’ which steered him to success after marketing over 3 million copies globally. In the album, he collaborated with different artistes like ‘Jazze’ and ‘Scott’ where the album got him twin Grammy Award selections. His self-titled album was accredited twice as platinum by RIAA, and it also topped the chart at no.2 position on the Billboard Hot charts. He later began his ‘Up Close’ and exclusive Tour in 2006 where he performed in over 30 shows in the US.

In November 2007, he dropped his second studio album, ‘Exclusive’ which ranked top in the US Billboard Charts. His biggest collaboration at that year was with ‘Jordan Sparks’, where they recorded their debut song ‘No Air’. In 2009, he dropped his third studio album ‘Graffiti’ where the singles in the album were exclusive after having an electro-pop mix. The album topped the Billboard Top charts at no.7 after he added his debut single ‘I Can Transform You’.

In 2010, Chris brown concentrated much on acting after featuring in a crime mystery film, ‘Takers’ which featured other high-class actors like Idris Elba and Matt Dillon. He collaborated with Kevin McCall and Tiega in the debut single ‘Deuces’ during the middle of 2010. Just like his other songs the single capped the US Billboard charts.

His other accomplishments include receiving a reward for Best R&B Album, winning 12 BET awards all through his musical career.  He has released 7 studio albums which he named the last on after his daughter ‘Royalty’ and he is currently working on his eighth album ‘party’ which co-stars famous artists including Usher and Gucci mane.


As of January 2020, Chris Brown’s net worth stood at $60 million. The bulk of his wealth has been contributed by the prosperous music career that has seen him become one of the best-selling music artists and being one of the highest-earning musicians in the world.

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