Nigerian youth from the north and south, are you happy with the way the country is going now?

The North thinks the south is their enemy, while the south thinks in the same way.

What do you people want?

I guess you want to go to war?

But do not forget that those evil leaders will jet out of Nigeria immediately they sense any form of war and leave the citizens to suffer and die.

The northern youth listen…since I was 7, I can still remember that the north ruled Nigeria and today I’m a man, the north has ruled the country several times apart from OBJ and Jonathan who are from the west and south.

There is really no change in the north the way it should be, there is currently Boko Haram, banditry, kidnapping which is also rampant in the south, and the biggest of all is lack of proper education.

While in the south where we have a large population of educated youth, there are no jobs, the government doesn’t give any loan to encourage entrepreneurs and the police terrorize the south daily.

Though the north doesn’t face too much of police brutality that is seen in the south, and the south doesn’t face terrorism that is seen in the north…this is the time for the youth of Nigeria to put aside our difference and work together.

Forget that you are a Muslim or a Christian, see yourself as a human being who deserves a better life.

Let’s work together and remove those old people and project a better person that will lead us to a better Nigeria where religion and tribalism will be a thing of the past.

We can always manage our country’s resources together and make Nigeria great again.

2023 is our greatest hope, let’s not lose it.

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