Oxlade, a well-known Nigerian Afro-pop singer and performer, has released a new single titled Want You. After a short break from the music scene, Oxlade returns with this iconic track as his debut single for the year 20The song is one pies any music fan can’t afford to miss.

Oxlade is one of Nigeria’s most popular musicians. With the release of the song “Away,” which was included in Rolling Stone’s top 50 songs of 2020, which made the young dude rose to stardom. His lyrics are a blend of English and Pidgin English, and they frequently analyze current events such as love.

Oxlade published an astonishing extended playlist titled Eclipse in 2021 through Troniq Music and Epic Records, which consists of four remarkable euphonies composed only by DJ Coublon. He intends to use the project to to show off his seemingly boundless abilities to his music fans.

Oxlade, also known as Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman, starts the year 2022 with this song named Want You. also has a hook in its lyrics “for you baby for you i will do anything for you”
As you listen to the song, you will find it to be both lively and refreshing.
It’s available for download below.

Download for you baby for you by Oxlade

Mp3 download Oxlade-Want you

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