Lade- Adulthood Anthem (adulthood na scam) mp3 download

Rapidly growing song in the Nigeria music scene” Adulthood Anthem” is an extremely exciting single by Lade, a Nigerian female singer who goes by the stage name Lade. She released this song in the year 2022 in order for her rising following to enjoy it.

Furthermore, a snippet of this song became one of Tik Tok’s most popular songs used by Nigerian influencer and content creators. Lade put in a lot of effort to record this amazing song, demonstrating her God-given talent to the audience and the music world at large.

Lade has a number of hits, including “Hustle” and “Kunle,” to name a few. She is one of the most promising female vocalists in Nigeria. Adulthood Anthem is a fantastic piece of music that you will want to add to your playlist and listen to over and over again with a hook “adulthood na scam”

Adulthood Anthem mp3 download

Adulthood na scam mp3 download

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