Music Networking:How to market and sell your music easily to other countries.

Africa music industry is becoming a goldmine as more award-winning musicians continue to hit the international music scene with amazing songs, When it comes to the African countries that have gone far and wide in music, Nigeria comes to mind, Nigeria has become one of Africans biggest music industry followed by South Africa and Ghana.


More music collaborations keep flowing in from international stars and African artists, this shows how far the industry has gone.

There are so many talented artists in the united state and other parts of the world who are not yet recognized, they keep on doing music but it seems it will never pay off as they do not get the desired traction even when they spend so much money promoting their song.


Many have given up their music career and many are still on the line of doing same, it is a fact that the music industry is for the strong and never for the gives up mindset; Most times people do not appreciate what they have until they see its value in the hands of others, this also applies to the music industry.

Some of your fans might see your music less interesting because you are in the same country, they feel it is just the same sound they have been hearing from other artists but when they see the same music been appreciated in other countries after a collaboration they will start taking you seriously, so it is good to understand the human mind when diving into the business part of music.

Trying out a new market for your music might just be the solution to your problems; a new market means a new audience and blending your music with a new style.

The new market doesn’t really have to be from Africa but other continents of your choice, the amazing part of your new musical networking is that your new fan will welcome you with open hands and also accept your music with a reasonably high percentage.

How to connect with other artists outside your zone

Having a great musical network will go a long way in helping you grow and gain the needed fame; musical networking is not always about the money but mutual benefit from all the parties involved then you will start seeing the money and fame flows in.

Before you do any collaboration check your song to see if it fits in with other artists you are about to collaborate with, it might not necessarily be an artist that will do a song in English, it can be in their local language as far you can capture the basic language, you are good to go, remember such collaborations will bring out the uniqueness of your song.

If you are dealing with a famous artist your attitude and manners matter a lot as this will determine how far the famous artist will help you, so loyalty in the music industry cannot be overemphasized.

An upcoming artist with fewer funds might need loyalty to grow but if the collaboration is solely based on business then loyalty might be secondary; it all depends on the artist personality.

How to connect with other artists

These days creating musical networking is even easier than taking a walk, reaching out to the artist might not be as difficult as you think, there are different ways you can reach out to any reputable artist in Africa and the world in general.


A friend who has worked with the artist can recommend you to them knowing that both parties stand to gain a lot from such networking so, recommendations are very fast when you want to connect with other artists specifically the famous and successful artist.

Social media

Social media is a great platform, almost all musical artist have a social media profile or page, it is easy to slide into any artist inbox if you are in luck you might get a reply or one of their social media manager can give you a reply and ask you to book for an appointment, you always get such response from already established artists as they do not have the time to manage their social media pages.

The less famous artists are always easy to reach and start up a conversation with, the type of artist you go for depends on your budget, but if you are running on a low budget then it will be wise to go for the upcoming talented artists.

More music artist can be found in music promotion groups; there are loads of artists who are willing to collaborate or network with others who show interest.


A music artist can also be reached through their website; artists who have websites will give you the chance to know more about their songs as you will get quick access about the artist’s history and songs, this will help you decide if they are the right kind of collaborations you want.

Contacts of the artist such as email and phone numbers can be found on the contact us section of the website which is always located at the top left part of the website or at the footer of the website.

Now that your new song is ready for the new market you will have to look for the best ways to promote it to the new market and see how fast fame and acceptance comes.







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