If oxygen is cut off for 2 minutes can humans survive in Elon musk hotel in mars

Elon musk who is the world’s richest man  is no doubt doing the extra ordinary, it’s no News that he has built an hotel in mars the red planet.

Elon musk space x company has constantly been working on a mars project, they take people on adventure to visit space and have been doing other amazing project on space.

why humans can't live on mars

Although NASA chief scientist Jim Green has come out to say “people will live in Mars in the future” it is not yet certain if living on the red planet is possible.

Elon musk has changed the narrative as he just finished building a hotel on mars which will start operation soon. This makes him the first person the build on mars.

This will help people who wish to see beyond earth to have a chance to travel out of earth to another planet to experience life there.

Elon musk space hotel

One thing about Elon musk hotel in mars is that it cost $5 million to live there for a night. But other question comes to mind like how is he going to sustain the oxygen supply which only 0.2% on mars and 0.6% on earth.

If oxygen is cut off for 2 minutes can humans survive in Elon musk hotel in mars, the answer is no because a human being can die within  40 seconds in mars when oxygen is cut off.

Elon musk space hotel

There are so many factors to consider if Elon musk hotel in mars will be successful so, will it be better to stay on earth where we belong or move with Elon musk to his space hotel, the choice is yours to make.

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