Youtube is a goldmine where you can make real passive income, but having the right info makes it easier, do you want to learn more?

Music is not just a way to express your talents; it is also a big industry that is worth millions of dollars so, when you are making music always put the business aspect in your mind, some music artiste may wonder how they can make good money with music without a record label, it is very possible to make good money and also get some fame without a record label, though attending local shows and organizing events will help you make some cash.

Making money with YouTube as a music artiste

As a music artiste, you have gathered so many experiences in the music industry, even if you are new or you are already famous in the music industry you have a lot to share with the public and those who aspire to go into the music industry.

Some artiste might feel music is all about recording in the studio then make an audio and video and share it with the public then start having some fans and get a record deal from a label then the money start rolling in.

When you are a professional musician this means you are well equipped with all or some reasonable knowledge that you can share with the public and make some good money, the best part of having musical knowledge is that you do not have to be a performing artiste to start sharing what you have with others.

How to make money with your YouTube channel

Music coach

You can start making money online by becoming a music coach, it is very easy to start up a YouTube channel and start uploading videos that talk about how to improve musical talents on YouTube, how to make money with music or any relevant information that you may have.Share your videos with your friends and advice them to subscribe to your channel, create other social media account and post your video links and if people like what you do they will subscribe; as your audience become larger the next step is to monetize your music couch videos and start making money online. There are various ways you can monetize your videos, you can either sign up on Google Adsense or you can use affiliate links to monetize your YouTube channel. 

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Music Affiliate marketer

As an artiste or a music lover, you can also become an affiliate marketer on Amazon or any other affiliate marketing website and start making money online by using YouTube.

You can tell people about the best headphone to use, or talk about the best software for practicing as an upcoming musician, there are a lot of things on Amazon to sell just research on the one you can flow with easily. You can do this simply with your phone at your convenient time so, while you talk about your song you should also talk about musical products you have used and suggest them to your friends and fan, this will help you make good money from home while you raise money to improve or support your music.


You can become a blogger and still use your YouTube channel to pull loads of traffic to your blog, you can write about music then convert your blog post to videos by using Camtasia video editor or Microsoft power point.

You can still make a video about an interesting topic on YouTube and ask your fans to get full details from your blog or you can also talk about your new song while on your channel description place a link to your blog where your song can be downloaded.

In this case, you must have monetized your blog with either affiliate links or ad network like Google Adsense.

You do not really need to be a music artiste to apply these ideas to make money on youtube, all you need is just a few ideas about music then improve it and you are good to explore the youtube money making world online.

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