Every artist wants their song to be heard, “some might say I just want people to feel my talent” in the real sense every artist needs their music to pay their bills so; they are constantly looking for a platform that will help them generate funds from their hard work.

Before thinking of selling your music, you need to be ready to put out something professional, not just any kind of music but you need to make sure the two facts that make a piece of good music.

Music Lyrics

You need to write a song with good lyrics if you are not a good songwriter there are a handful of songwriters out there who can give you amazing lyrics for the right price.

The contents of your music should solve a problem or ease the stress of the listener at the moment of listening, people do listen to music for fun but they do it most times to solve a certain problem they are passing through at that time.

If you are singing about love make it tell a story about you or someone and when you are singing about money making you should do the same, so it doesn’t really matter what you desire to sing about but it should reach out to your audience mind.


There is an African proverb that says if you want to eat toad, you have to eat everything about the toad, I guess that is gross, the real deal is you should not put out half baked music, if you really want to record a song contact a professional music producer that knows his way with sounds.

If it means paying above your budget at the long run you will rip the benefit of hiring a good music producer, if you are doing a dance song or any other genre just make sure the production suits the lyrics and flows well with it.

What next after recording your song

Your song is ready and available in every digital format, so you are all set to release it into the market, this is the point you require your hard work to pay off but you lack the needed information on how to sell your music on major online distribution and streaming websites like Amazon, iTunes and Spotify then you are in luck reading this article will give you a walkthrough on how to sell your songs on iTunes and Spotify.

List of the website that will help you sell your songs

It is sometimes hard to get your songs on these websites unless you go through a third party that will help you monitor the sale of your song and also pay you at when due.

I will be listing the major websites where your song can be sold without any hassle even though you are a new artist or you have been in the music game for a long time. 






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