Best strategies to market your products and service and keep your customers for life

Having a business is a great way to elevate you financially; it keeps you ahead of your peers and set you free from financial struggles for life. Having a business is not all you need but making sales and keeping your customers should be your priorities; either you are selling offline or you have decided to lunch your products and service online, you must follow these basic strategies on how to improve the sales of your products and services.

What will you learn from this article?

•    How to sell the benefit of your product and services

•    Knowing your customers

•    Know why your customer is buying your product

•    Offer some gift

These simple steps will make you have fun while selling your products and service as a startup company, so if you are just starting out in marketing your products or you have been selling without good result you will catch some fish from these strategies.

Knowing your customers

Knowing your customers will go a long way to prepare you when selling your products and services, it might sound strange to some folks like “why do I need to know my customers?” this is important as it gives you a full knowledge on how to promote your business and how to sell your products to them.

What do you need to know about your customers (clients)?

Sex: knowing the sex of your prospective customers will help you organize the strategies of the sales of your products to the right audience, you cannot be selling women’s clothes and be advertising it to men, though some men might buy for their spouse but taking the product to the right audience will give you the desired sales, this will help you online when you are targeting clients on social media ads like facebook ad.

Age: the age of your customers is a major targeting factor, you need to know the age range of those who are buying from you, so you can properly target them, this is very important when you are running ad on Facebook, for instance, if you are selling a sweatshirt with a hood, you should know that young men from the age of 15-32 will love to use hoodie so you will target them and you will be amazed at the results. Marital status: yes it sound funny but you really have to know about it, there are products a young girl who still have the fire burning in her will buy but a married lady will never buy such products, knowing your prospective customer’s marital status will help you target your product to the right audience, you need to do a lot of brainstorming and find out what who your customers really are however it is important to put together all the necessary information that you can get to help you sell well.

Know why your customer is buying your product

Your customers want to buy your product or hire your service to solve a problem, the question is do you know why?

You should know about your customers problem and that will help you sell better, let’s say your customer had a Toyota Camry 2.5 and you are a car salesman, he calls you on the phone as a returning customer and tells you “he needs a new car”, this time he needs a jeep; you have to ask yourself why he needs a jeep because he already had a car but he needs another one, is he getting it to impress someone, I don’t think so, maybe he just need something higher than the Camry level or he needs a car that can accommodate him and his family when going on a camping trip.

Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes make you see the reasons why they need that product or service you are offering.

How to sell the benefit of your products and services

Selling the benefit of your product should be the first thing that comes to mind when you are trying to sell to a customer.

They want to know what makes your product different from what others are offering, they will always ask if this new product you are introducing to them change their present situation or will it be a waste to their money?

The way you portray your product will determine if your customer will buy from you, give them the exact quality of your product and service, do not try to decorate your product with functionalities it does not have.

This is as simple as A B C, make your customers know what your product can do for them in simple terms and language.

Offer some gift

You can keep your customers for life if you learn to appreciate them, how is this possible?

Giving them some gift or a bonus is a great way to keep them coming back, your little gift is more like a reminder of the great service or product they bought from you. Whenever they use the gift your thought comes to mind as this can spark up a need so, your gift just reminded them that you sell such products or offer such a service.

Always remember when your customers are happy your bank account will be happy and that means you are happy.


These little tips will help you in your marketing, they are principles that work if you do your research well, you will always enjoy your time selling and build a lifetime relationship with your customers.

I hope these help and if you have any questions or contributions do not hesitate to drop it on the comment section.

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