Girl cries out: My problem now is that the record looks like I was enjoying

My name is Clara from Owerri  Imo state, I am 25 years old, I am in a relationship with a 28-year-old guy who is currently on his NYSC in Ibadan,

I feel very bad because I have hurt him even when he is not aware of what’s going on.

I need advice on what to do, I always go to his mother’s house to help her sometimes since he is not around, I always spend time with his siblings especially his younger brother.

Something happened recently (about 2weeks now)when I went to help his mother during the weekend, I got there and she was not home, they said she has gone to help the daughter who just put to birth since it was already late I decided to stay for the night.

While I was sleeping the brother came to wake me up saying he has something to tell me, I thought he had something bordering, him instead he was preaching love to me that he so much care about me.

When I told him that I was not interested he forced himself on me, the next morning he came to me and showed me a recorded voice of me moaning but I never enjoyed it, I was crying.

My problem now is that the record really looks like I was enjoying it so I am afraid to tell my fiancé.

Please, I’m confused what should I do? 

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