Fireboy DML released a new single titled ” Paru” on July 30, 2021

The song genre is afrobeat, the song comes with a catchy beat that makes you want to listen to the song till the end.


The chorus Peru para is actually a Nigerian English pidgin slang, You may have to go deep into pidgin English to find the meaning of the word but I think he is referring to a girl who is trying to play with his feelings even when he is openly expressing it.


The lyrics don’t convey many messages but the best can keep you dancing while you sing Peru para along with him.


The is an open verse song that gives other artists the opportunity to grind on it so, if you are a music artist you can jump on this song and you never can tell your verse can be the next big thing.

Mp3 download Fireboy DML-Peru


The song has a total stream of 118,104 which is still counting.

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