Bruno Mars-Skate featuring Anderson, Paak and stilk sonik is one song that will keep you dancing especially at night and a cool afternoon.


One thing about Bruno Mars is his unique style of music that has a constant spice on it.

Bruno Mars is one R&B Artist that has mastered his craft and knows how to keep his fans glued to him.


Skate, which was produced by Bruno Mars, Dernst “D’Mile” Emile II gives that unique feeling to every lady that truly wants to fall in love.


The words used on Skate lyrics were specifically selected to suit a sweet romantic night in a dark room for two; it’s also a song that gives that happy feeling you get on Sunny afternoon.


Skate currently has 153,106 stream on audio mack and was released July 30, 2021

The Bruno Mars skate mp3 download can be found on different blogs on the internet but you can also stream the song on audiomack.


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