Who the Nigerian northern youth should vote

The northern population is huge but it’s only recognized during elections. This is why they should vote for a president that can channel their manpower to industrialization.


It must not always be voting. Their leaders are even more clueless. They see the population as a means only to win elections.


You see them bragging about “the north has the population” but they care less about the well-being of their people.


They never find reasons to ask themselves why the northerner youths are migrating to the south to earn so little from massive work.


No, they are so comfortable with that, as long as they remain poor, and uneducated to be used every 4years to win elections they are good to go.


I hear they do 5000 naira unconditional transfers to them every month. 5000 can not buy cook a pot of soup or but notebooks for their children.


In southern Nigeria, we still have the Rich class, average and poor class while in the north it’s just the micro rich class and the huge poor class whose sole aim is just to win an election.


The poor that have seen the light are becoming more open-minded that religious bigotry and tribalism are not the best way to live in a multilingual country like Nigeria so they have started enlightening others.


I know that poverty is a general problem in Nigeria but the north is more affected. There has always been one method of leadership in Nigeria and it’s not working. This is the time to make a change and use that huge population to vote for a president that will channel it to industrialization.

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