Spain records 6,740 new cases of Coronavirus in 24 hours to take their total number to 219,764

Spain has seen a large spike in number of new Coronavirus cases after 6,740 infections were recorded in the last 24 hours. 

The thousands of positive tests bring the Spanish total from 213,024 to 219,764, the biggest increase since 7,026 were recorded on April 4. 

According to Spanish authorities, the increase of cases jumped up following the use of antibody tests, which have added nearly 17,000 people to the total since they were introduced. 

In other news, the daily death toll in Spain fell to 367, the lowest since March 21, taking the total from 22,157 to 22,524. 

‘We have achieved the goal of a deceleration and slowdown for this week but we remain in a hard phase of the epidemic,’ health minister Salvador Illa said yesterday. 

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