List of reason to be thankful for an healthy life

It takes your kidney 1 day to filter 180litres of your blood.
Freely with some advanced biological processes the kidney does it effortlessly.

When you let human technology do it, it will cost you 70,000 naira per sessions.

You breath, effortlessly the respiratory muscles plays a significant role in expanding your lungs, the blood mixes with oxygen to provide fuel to complete process of oxidative needed to provide you energy.

But when these muscles are paralysed or something terrible happened to you and you cannot breath depending on human technology it will cost your 150,000 naira per nights in the ICU.

Your heart works night and day ensuring blood flows adequately around the body, when this organ decided to fail you will need millions of Naira for a heart transplant.

You urinate effortlessly the urine flow like a tap without much Ado, once there is obstruction preventing urination, the excruciating pains will make you pay 10,000 naira to relieve you of urine.

You go to toilet and pass stool with minimal efforts, but sometimes mishaps happen and you have faecal impaction, your rectum will be pump with soap and warm water, just for this to come out you pay not less than 10,000 Naira, i am not even talking about colostomy when you cannot use your anus anymore, they create an artificial anus on your abdomen where you pass faeces from and you pay heavily for it.

Just stroke renders you helpless and the technology of man is so expensive to keep you alive.

You have sex ejaculate effortlessly get her pregnant and pregnancy develops gets to term, you deliver easily, just a little infertility you pay through your nose( technology of man).

It cost you nothing to impregnate your wife but cost you millions to have IVF.

Even CS you pay heavily yet normal vagina delivery is so easy and some even delivery at home.

Yet you all are so ungrateful to your lord!!!

You have not thanked him for all he is doing for you, yet its the one he hasnt done you are crying for and getting frustrated and depressed.

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