Joeboy caused a stampede on TikTok with his recently released song Sip Alcohol.


The song has been on top music charts for weeks now and still stays on the top music on audiomack talks about taking Alcohol to let go of your pains.


That’s why I sip my Alcohol by Joeboy talks about the reality of a lot of people who are going through different kinds of situations in their lives.


Joeboy alcohol lyrics come with this catchy part that gets everyone’s emotions.


“That’s why I sip my Alcohol, I don’t wanna reason bad thing nomore, I don’t wanna go back to where I dey before”.

Download that’s why i sip my Alcohol by Joeboy


That’s why I drink my alcohol by joeboy.


You can either interchange drink my alcohol for sip my Alcohol as long as you are feeling the song…lol

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