Increase in petrol price will make more Nigerians poverty – Abdulsalami

Abdulsalami Abubakar, a former head of state, has stated that the projected hike in petrol prices will push more Nigerians into poverty.

Abdulsalami also noted that 80 million Nigerians remain impoverished, speaking at the 19th Daily Trust Dialogue in Abuja on Thursday, January 20.
“The predicted increase in fuel prices will push more Nigerians into poverty,” he warned.
Poverty still affects over 80 million Nigerians. The global COVID-19 outbreak has exacerbated Nigeria’s food situation.”
Abdulsalami stated about the presidential election in 2023:

“It’s worth noting that, for the first time, southern governors are going up against their northern counterparts, each claiming the presidency for their respective areas.

“In this election year, statesmanship and collaboration are required to take Nigeria out of the woods. Let us keep in mind that, despite all of the issues and threats, Nigeria is still a country. Our strength and assets are our unity and vast people.”

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