How to find the right partner for marriage

Marriage is an institution ordained by God to join two people from different backgrounds, either family, academic and environment to become one and multiply in all ramifications.

As Marriage has been instituted by God it is necessary for one to find someone that is compatible. Selecting and finding the right partner is essential to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

Here are some guidelines for finding the right partner

 Discover who you are

A lot of persons are moving around, confused about who they are, what they want, and what the future holds for them. If you ask a young man or woman what they want in life they can’t seem to give a clear response.
Until you discover who you are, you will never be able to find the right person to feature in your life. Now in truly finding “You”, you have to go to God to unfold what He has created you for. While you’ve done that also look out for your passion, potential, strength, and weaknesses. Discover what gives you joy and what distracts you. Are you an introvert or an extrovert; Find “You” before going on a search for the right partner; When you have discovered who you are don’t stop there, make the necessary adjustments on your weakness, and increase your strength; A discovery of you will help you discover who you will like to spend the rest of your life with.

Be the right partner

It is exhausting to go around looking for water in the desert. It is nearly impossible. We must understand that in life you attract who or what you are and how people treat you is a reflection of what you think about yourself. Most People preparing for marriage have a long list of the ideal men/woman they want for marriage. Some of what they want in life is mere fantasy, God needs the Eighth day to create such a person, which is why their needs are insatiable.
The kind of person you want to marry should be determined by the kind of person you are.If you want a caring, understanding, loving, and hardworking spouse you must first be a caring, loving, understanding, and hardworking person. If you want a man who will serve you breakfast in bed, you should be a wife who can do the same for her husband.
You can’t envision marrying a celebrity when you have not trained yourself to accommodate all the fans that will be coming around and the open kind of life. You must have dealt with insecurity. Marrying a man or a woman with a particular profession will require a particular disposition so you must have trained yourself enough to be the right partner for that person.

Look for your connection mate

Severally I have seen folks that are ashamed to introduced the other person as their partner.The reason is poor connection.While you go in search of the right partner,you must put in mind finding someone you never get tired of talking with,some you can connect with his dressing, haircut, music, belief and all that. Someone that understands your language not your local language now.Someone that knows what to do to get you in and out of any mood.
Communication is the life of any relationship so, you must look for someone you can communicate freely with.Communication is not just in words alone but also in purpose,carrer and everything. I met a young girl who was so passionate about defending the right of young girls and everything that has to do with making the girl child better put her boyfriend found this passion boring.He couldn’t relate with it because all he was passionate about was business and making more money.Now that is a wrong connection.If you are a science freak look for someone that can communicate with that.
Remember this is someone you are going to spend the rest of your life with, someone you will see every morning when you wake up and the last person you see before you sleep.

Friendship line

Some persons are working and chatting with their right partner unknowing to them.
The friendship line is your company and line of friends, mutual friends. This is very important in finding the right partner. When young people say they are looking for the right partner my questions to them is “Do you have friends, who are your friends, and who is your friend’s friends?” Of course, you don’t want to marry a total stranger.
Understand that the heart makes friends and blood makes a family. Before someone becomes your friend there must have been a heart connection somewhere. There is nothing like a “True friend” if, he is not true then he is never worthy to become your friend. A friend is someone that knows you, understands you, loves you for who you are, and wants you to change and be better. A friend is someone you don’t put up an act with, someone you can easily connect with. Now for me that is the right place to find the right partner, But if you don’t get among your friends then find the right person and make him/her your friend first before starting a romantic relationship.

The puzzle

Getting to know people entirely is a whole lot of work as people keep unfolding. You can’t even know yourself enough so my counsel is that in finding and settling with the right person you should say a word of prayer to God about it. He knows you and everyone on Earth better than anyone else. You might desperately want to settle with this person but there is just this unrest in your heart but you can’t figure out what the problem is. Then, let God solve the puzzle. One of the confirmation that something is meant to be is inner peace. If you don’t get that inner peace then take a break to find out what the problem is, if the solution is not coming then discontinue it.


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