Danny D- My journey in a competitive Nigerian music industry

No matter what your situation is, there is always a story behind the struggle to get noticed in the Nigerian competitive music industry.

I’m not that popular blogger, but I have been uploading songs on my blog for some time now.

I try to help upcoming artists to put out their songs and give them the needed publicity that can come from my end as that’s the only way I can contribute to their effort to put out their musical talent for the world to see.

As I continued my journey I met a young man that so much inspired me so I want to tell you a story of how the journey has been for us.

Back in 2019, I met a young artist, a 19-year-old who was extremely good at what he does, which was songwriting.

His music was always passing a message and different from the usual sounds we hear every day.

His story was so touching that I decided to give him a little help.

His story goes like this

My name is Daniel Abego Ufuoma, I was born into a family of five and I happened to be the second child before the last born. 

We are four boys and a girl. I was raised by my father after the divorce with my mother somewhere in 2003,  then I was just a little boy and ever since then, things have not been easy with us and my father as well.

It was not easy for my Dad because he single-handedly raised the 5 of us. My musical talent was discovered when I was in secondary school Jss 1or 2, then I started working on myself. I started singing on my own, sometimes, I use the end part instruments of existing songs to compose verses.

My passion for music has kept me going all this time but my problem is lack of financial support for my musical career. 

I have stayed dedicated and committed to make sure I record my song because that’s what makes me happy.

I can remember back then in 2017 after I round up my secondary school things were really rough for me and I need to show the world what I have got so, I decided to work as a sales boy just to gather some money and start my recording, and to God be the glory I was able to record my first single titled “Underrate” In 2019.

I didn’t stop there so I move on to record my second single “Don’t go” in  2020 and God help me I did another single titled ” Open my way” And just recently I released my new single titled “Thankful” this year 2021.

Thankful is a song for everybody, anybody can listen to it’s the same as open my way, both songs talk about motivation and believing.

Well, I really thank God for my life despite how rough and tight the industry may be, I will still keep on believing in myself and hoping on God to help me reach out to the world someday. 

I want to appreciate my friends and family for their unending support and I also thank those listening to my song for giving me the opportunity to keep on entertaining them. And to those that help me to promote my song, I will be forever grateful to you all.

That’s the story of Danny D, a vibrant young man who is going to reach the world with his music someday. 

Listen to “Thankful by Danny D

Listen to ” Open my way by Danny D

Listen to “Don’t go by Danny D

Listen to “Underrate by Danny D

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