From her 2019 album LUCID, Asa join her voice with the Nigerian youth to demand for the end of SARS and police brutality that is going on in the country.

Her song tells a story of what’s really going on in our society

Here is the lyrics

With Lyrics

How many days can I wait
How many more can I take
In this hell on earth
From those who I serve
Mama says It won’t be long
You just have to be strong
No one understands
No one really cares

I’m screaming
Hoping you’ll hear me now now now now
I’m sinking someone come pull me out out out

I’m the one with nine lives
You only killed me three times
No surrender no backing down
No no more tears stuck in my eyes

Watch me go all over the world
I’m the star burning bright
Watch me go all over the world
The one you see up in the sky

Can you see me now
Hey hey
You can never catch me now…

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