The music industry is becoming though by the day, you can only get a record deal if you are extremely good at what you do, there are loads of record labels that are looking for a talented artist to get signed.

If you need a record label in Ghana, then you can fall within these groups only if you can avail yourself the chance given to you by allowing epivibesng to take your song to the right personalities for review.

Lets quickly take you through the top Ghanaian record labels that are signing hitmakers this 2019, if your demo is ready then you are good to go, reach out to epicvibes and we will get your song submitted to record labels in Ghana.

Etins record

Family Tree Entertainment

Black Legendary

MaddHaus Entertainment

One Mic Entertainment

Bullhaus Entertainment

Sarkcess Music

Lynx Entertainment

Burniton Music Group

Slip Music

AMG Business

Shatter wale Movement Empire

Damage Musiq

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