How to promote your song online in Nigeria

If you are an upcoming artist that is looking for a way to promote your song to a large audience, this article will help you get the right information on how to promote your song online.

There are lots of online media that are always looking out for a young and upcoming artist to promote with them but most times the service you get is different from what they offer. There are ways you can still promote your song online and get a strong fan base that will stick to you anytime in your music career.

You can start promoting your song on your own but you also need a blog that will help you spread the word to real music lovers.

This article will give you five tips to help you promote your song online and also reach out to record labels in the Nigerian music industry.

Social media promotion

: As an artist, the first thing you need to do when promoting your song online is to have a social media presence where you can build an audience that likes your kind of music. Facebook is a good place to get started as it is one of the best platforms where you can meet the targeted audience.

Just like having a favourite food people also have a favourite genre of music which are sometimes stated on their profile, Facebook uses these details to target audience who love a particular kind of song, this means people are looking for your kind of music on Facebook so you need to be present.

Instagram is also a good place to promote your song by making a short video and posting it with hashtags that will help you target the right audience and grow your fan base. Instagram is very hot these days as you will be amazed by the number of followers you will get from just posting a short video.

 If you are looking for a social media platform to get massive engagement then you can give twitter a trial? According to recent research, twitter has been shown to have one of the highest engagements when it comes to reaching out to people.  

As an artist you need to be on twitter, even if you cannot manage it you can hire a social media manager to help you make daily tweets on your account.

Sound cloud

having a Soundcloud account is a good way to also expose and promote your song to the world at large. Soundcloud is free so it only takes a few minutes to set up an account and get started. Most times record labels search Soundcloud for a new and talented artist; if you do not have an account with SoundCloud it will be great to set up one or you can also contact us to set up a professional artist account for you on SoundCloud.

if you want to promote and submit your song to a record label in Nigeria then contact us on epic vibesng as we will help you pitch your song to over 10 record labels in Nigeria. We will also do a follow up to make sure you are signed by a Nigeria record label within the shortest time.

We also reach out to record labels in Ghana and South Africa by pitching our artist song to them. If your song is extremely good we can also send it to marketers for them to evaluate and contact you for a marketing deal.

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