It is called HERNIA not Hynia.

When intestines, organs protrudes via a weak opening either into the scrotum or the groin or the abdomen causing a swelling this is called a Hernia.

About 6percent of the community suffers from it.

If there is a defect in the abdominal walls the intestines may find their way causing an abdominal swelling sometimes this intestine finds its way into the scrotum making it enlarged sometimes fluids may even accumulate inside the scrotum making it big just like your head.

Sometimes a persistent cough, persistent straining during defecation, or straining when passing urine(stricture and BPH), chronic constipation, hard laborers ( lifting blocks and cement and frequent pregnancy may predispose you to developing an hernia.

Initially, when you press this swelling it goes in and becomes flattened( reducible) without pains, but when it is delayed without surgical correction it becomes irreducible and painful, then blood flow to this intestine is cut off making them die, then this hernia becomes strangulated, you know when your neck is strangulated

If correction not done early when this is strangulated this person may die.

Note: there are no drugs that cure hernia be it herbal or orthodox, not all abdominal swellings are hernia and not all scrotal swellings are hernia.

The definitive treatment for an hernia is a surgery called herniorrhaphy.

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