Madoghwe Urinrin is a songwriter and a worshiper of Jesus Christ, he was born into a family of 7, his dad, rev.Dr.Madoghwe who is an anointed man of God is part of his inspiration. Urinrin started singing in the choir at Ufuoma baptist church Warri where Watched some great men of God like Rev.igho yegbeburu, Pst. Movi Onini, Rev.gweke Ikogi, PS.Nathaniel bassey, Travis green, tye trebett and my music director and tutor Mr.faka Edward,  Urinrin was inspired to sing and write song by the holy spirit through them. Kadosh produced by Wizie Yze was a song written in a choir rehearsals section during worshiping. Today it a reality, Glory to God


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