Tiwa savage leaked tape- The truth everyone needs to know

What Tiwa Savage did is not different from what we do in our bedroom almost every day so, why are we falling for her stunt?

I see people saying all sorts of words about her on social media, why others are busy asking and begging for Tiwa savage leaked s*x video.

Why is her video currently the latest gist on the internet? The reason is that’s what she wants and it’s a publicity stunt to sell her latest song somebody’s son which featured Brandy.

Tiwa Savage is a diva that has caught the attention of millions of her male fans and the majority of them want to see the other side of her. 

Now that Tiwa Savage has a leaked s€x video,  what impact has it done on her fame and latest song or album Water and garri?


Instead, of her having the negative result and feeling bad about the video, it has rather brought her more fame.


What you don’t understand about this whole drama is that the video was a marketing strategy for her to push her current music album Water and garri which is currently working for her.

When she first had the interview in the USA stating that her tape was about to be leaked, her song started gaining more publicity as people started using the song to make short videos.

She also went further to state that she will explain to her son about the video and that kept Tiwa on everyone new feed since last week.


Just a day after the video was leaked, Patek wristwatch splashed her with over 70M naira deal while celebrities praised her for her immorality as some even called her a queen.

This has shown that immorality is the major selling point these days after we saw Angel showing off her body in the just concluded Bbnaija shine ya eye show.

Watch and download video here


This is just the beginning of what’s to come in the future, this kind of marketing strategy will be used more by upcoming and already famous celebrities in the entertainment industry.

Listen and download Tiwa savage latest song somebody’s son

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