Sure guild to migrate from Nigeria to Jamaica to practice Nursing in 2023

Are you a nurse in Nigeria and want to travel to Jamaica to practice nursing? Then this guild will take you through the process.  I will list the requirements needed to practice nursing in Jamaica and also list other opportunities that come with you practising as a nurse in Jamaica.

What is The average salary for a Registered Nurse (RN)

Nursing in Jamaica is lucrative as they are well-paid and live comfortable life doing their jobs. The average salary for a Registered Nurse (RN) is JA$ 921,451. The salary also depends on the speciality of the nurse. For instance, pediatric nursing gets more pay in Jamaica.

Qualifications needed to practice nursing in Jamaica

A Nigerian who wants to practice nursing in Jamaica must be between the age of 18-50 years and must have obtained a registered nursing or midwifery license from the nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria.

Requirements needed as a Nigerian to practice nursing in Jamaica

Some necessary requirements are needed to start processing your travelling to practice nursing in Jamaica. These requirements will help you go through the evaluation process and give you an edge over others, it is good to know that IELT is not needed by Nigerians to travel to Jamaica but practising in Jamaica after one year will give you access to practice nursing in the UK without IELT but you must write your CBT and OSCE. Some of the essential requirements are

1) A soft copy of your Nursing Certificate

2) license front and back page

3) Birth certificate

4) University or Nursing school Testimonial

5) Marriage certificate (if the person is married )

6) White background passport photograph

7) CV

8) International passport (bio data) page

9) Transcripts from your School

10) Recommendation letter from anyone you have worked with.

The registration process for Nigerians to practice nursing in Jamaica

There are two processes needed to apply as a registered nurse in Jamaica, these processes are

  • Filing your documents to the Nursing board for evaluation
  • Apply for your Taxpayer registration number (TRN)

The taxpayer registration number will be needed in the final stage of your application with the Nursing board.

Requirements for Nigerians to register with the Jamaica nursing council

1) A copy of your Nursing license

2) A copy of your Nursing certificate

3) Passport photograph (2 copies)

4) marriage certificate

5) A Copy of Your CV

6) Two reference letter

8) Testimonial from School

10) Processing fee

11) Transcripts from your School

If you have plans to move to the US to practice nursing, you do not need to move to the Philippines as there is an NCLEX examination centre in Jamaica. Once you pass the exam, you do not need to wait for 24-36 months like those in the Philippines but you will only wait for 6-12 months to move to the US after passing your NCLEX exams.


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