Lagos police command to start massive arrest of face mask violators

The Lagos police command has come out to make a statement that they will commence the arrest of residence who fails to comply with the NCDC directives of compulsory use of face mask in public places.

The statement was made by the Lagos State commissioner of police Hakeem Odumosu in an interview with The Nation News paper.

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“We have arrested 3,802 persons between April and June for violating the compulsory use of face mask directives from the NCDC and all those involved will be charged to court and sentenced” Hakeem Odumosu said.

“We have been enforcing the law. We have arrested 3,802 people for not using face masks and 12,900 suspects were held for flouting various COVID-19 guidelines since the commencement of the lockdown in April. They were all charged to court. But we are going to be stricter now because we have noticed that some people do not wear at all while others hang it on their chins. That is not the purpose for the directive.
The face mask must be properly worn to cover the mouth and nose. That is how it will serve its purpose. Our people must know that the policy is for their safety and. As soon as you step out of your house into public space, you should have your face mask on, worn properly. It should be that way until you return to your private space. Wearing a face mask is compulsory just as social distancing is compulsory. You cannot do one and leave the other. For emphasis, we will arrest those who put the face mask on their chins and also arrest those not wearing it.” he said

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