Bbnaija: Here are 5 reasons why Tega’s husband is in silent pain.

Why Tega:s husband is in silent pains


It’s almost in the nature of a man to cheat on his wife or girlfriend but women hardly cheat because they need some level of attachment before they do that.


The video of Boma and Tega touching each other in the BBnaija house is a clear sign that Tega has got some level of bonding with Boma.


Tega already knows the consequences of what she has done. That’s why she talked about moving on if the marriage doesn’t last.


So for her husband to come out to say he doesn’t care because he has cheated on her before is a big lie.


Tega’s husband is silently in pain and might have sleepless nights all the time.


Here are 5 reasons why Tega’s husband is in silent pain.


  • A man can joke with everything but will never joke with his woman, even though he is no longer in a relationship with her he still wants to protect her from other men. Tega’s husband is currently in a serious battle with his eagle.
  • A man naturally wants all the women for himself, if you give him 100 women and ask him to get one, he will still feel like taking the remaining 99 women. Even though Tega’s husband cheated on her, right now he feels defeated seeing another man touching her.
  • Unless he fantasizes about another man being intimate with his wife, it will be hard for him to relate sexually with her.
  • It’s easy for a woman to forgive when it comes to adultery but it’s very difficult for a man to forgive and he might have to leave with it for the rest of his life.
  • Unless Tega’s husband doesn’t have a family, he will always think about the side talk from his family members because this is Africa, people must call him to ask him questions and the side talk will be a huge problem for him especially if Tega did not win the game. 


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