5 ways to promote your music with a low budget

The music industry is becoming more populated, with different artist springing up and doing everything possible to gain fame.

An artist might be in luck and get fast fame while others need to work for it by spending time and money, as an upcoming artist you have not yet got to the point where show promoters and marketers constantly invite you for shows, so it is obvious that you are not making so much money from your music, running your music promotion on a low budget should be on your scale of preference.

Let’s quickly take a dive into 5 ways to promote your song with a low budget!


Promote with New or upcoming bloggers


Promoting your song on a big blog is good and it is the best thing to do but since you are working on a low budget the bigger blogs are not the best options for you.

Reach out to new and upcoming bloggers and get the best service for the cheapest price; new bloggers will welcome you with open hands by doing everything possible to keep you as a returning client and possibly grow with you and your music career; The new bloggers will do what the already established bloggers will never do for your song.

  • A new blogger will take time to write a good review for your song and link it to all your social media handles.
  • Constantly promote your song on social media
  • Feature your song on their mixtape
  • Collaborate with fellow upcoming bloggers to share your song with their followers.

You see, there is so much benefit working with new or upcoming bloggers.

Ask friends to make and share videos about your song

 Smartphones are fast making people video makers and youtubers, as an artist, you need to leverage this amazing opportunity by asking your friends to make a video of your song while they dance or sing along.

There are different applications that come handy on Google play that can help them produce these videos and publish them on their social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram.

People will always want to know more about the song if it sounds good and when they see some level of sharing they might also want to join the trend, but if you do not have friends to help you do this which is impossible for an artist you can contact professional music promoters to help you get things started.

Make a simple slide show video

A simple slide show video can make a lot of difference, get a good graphics designer and let him create an album cover that stands out, visit Google store and search for mobile video editors, there is a hand full of mobile video app editor on Google play store, or you can use any of the suitable desktop video editors.

Create a slide show with your album cover and use your song as the background music, post it on your social handle and ask friends to share, use important hashtags to create the post as it helps people to reach the song easily when using search on the website and also make you gain more followers.

Family members can help you share your song

Family and friends come to mind first in music promotion, when they hear your song they get excited and want to share it with their friends or extended family. If you are not getting much support from your friend and family then you might find it hard to promote your song with a low budget.

If your song is really good it won’t take a word from you before they start sharing, and in a short time, it starts trending on social media.

Some relatives might even go as far to give radio stations and DJs to add your song to their playlist, family support cannot be underestimated in music promotion as they might know a record label owner or a popular music promoter.

Ozing media

Ozing media is an online music promoter, they specialize in helping the new and upcoming artist to promote their songs with a low budget, if your song gains the needed traction they can submit your it to different blogs and online radio stations, promote on social media and also write contents about your song on their blog.

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