Love is a priceless gift, wrapped in the mysteries of life.

Love is pure, flowing through the heart just like the fountain waters.

It is happiness that fights pains with one voice.

Love has no shame, no hate, love never runs away.

It sees only the good in every heart and strengthens the bonds between two souls.

Love is a story, only those caught in its field can tell.

Like the opera music, it takes over the mind and heals the wounded soul.

Love is a promise fulfilled with a smile; it is life itself taking you on a journey.

A moment never to be forgotten, a future that shines bright, a word that calms the soul.

Love is every man’s desire; it is the beginning and the end.


The sound every heart beats to,
the memories that last until the end calls, the words that calm a storming mind.
Love sees the beauty in the future and heals
the pains of the past.

Love is like a true smile, it comes from the depth of the heart.
it is the bonds in true friendship
it is the feeling of a mother to her child.

It is a journey that has no end
it is the passion that kept us going.

Love is life; it is every good thing you have ever
dreamed. Just like the beautiful voice from the opera song

It is the product of every good did
love is not forced and can never be forsaken

Love is something that is hard to describe

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