Regardless of the part of the world, you are living in, you would have just caught wind of Pokémon, and one of the more mainstream ways individuals appreciate Pokémon is through computer games. 

Pokémon is a progression of role-playing computer games created by Game Freak and distributed by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. Throughout the years, various side project games dependent on the arrangement have additionally been created by numerous organizations.

While the principle arrangement comprises of RPGs, turn off games include different classifications, for example, activity pretending, puzzle, battling, and computerized pet games. Most Pokémon computer games have been grown solely for Nintendo handhelds, computer game consoles, and PCs dating from the Game Boy to the present age of computer game consoles. 

In case you’re rational about what these computer games are, here is a comprehensive list of the recent and top 3 best Pokémon Video Games you can get easily, in the Sequential Order of discharge.

1) Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire:

It was released on November 21, 2014 (World Wide), but on November 28, 2014, in Europe. The game was the enhanced version of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. 

Players were able to enjoy exploring a district that’s rich in Pokémon species and dynamic people and the game has a dramatic storyline that discloses as the games progress with the Hoenn Region as the main setting. The game was developed by “Game Freak” and was published by The Pokémon Company Nintendo. The game ran on the Nintendo 3DS.

The game had a Pokémon-Amie feature which allowed players to interact more with their Pokémon. There were Secret Bases that players could customize to their taste.

2) Pokémon Sun and Moon: 

It was released on November 18, 2016, worldwide, November 23, 2016, in Europe. The game was the first installment of the Pokémon series’ seventh generation.

the developers placed more importance on Pokémon interactions and many new features introduced in these versions too. The main setting of this game was the Alola Region that consisted of several islands. They introduced 81 new Pokémon to look out for in these versions, and a new move called Z-Moves along with restructured training and battle mechanics were added.

The game was developed by “Game Freak” and was published by The Pokémon Company Nintendo. The game ran on the Nintendo 3DS.

3) Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

This version was released on November 17, 2017. This version of the game was the enhanced version of Pokémon Sun and Moon, but it had a new and different storyline.

The setting of this version was also the Alola Region, but it had an alternative storyline alongside the introduction of new characters and awesome gameplay structures like the new mini-game called Marine Surf, and there was also a new online mode which was known as the Battle Agency. The main emphasis of this version was the legendary Pokémon known as “Necrozma”. The setting included new locations and structures.

The game was developed by “Game Freak” and was published by The Pokémon Company Nintendo, and also ran on the Nintendo 3DS

4) Pokémon Sword and Shield

Released on November 15, 2019. this is the latest game that’s now making waves across the gaming community. It’s the last on our list, but it’s also the most anticipated one.

It was the first installment in the Pokémon series’ eighth generation. This version included cooperative raid encounter and “Gigantamax” which allows Pokémon to grow momentarily while “Dynamax” allowed the Pokémon to take different forms. This version had a far More intensive and improved graphics, combined with lots of new Pokémon to capture, train, and develop.

The setting of the game was in the Galar Region which is a lengthy and narrow piece of land. It has a modern setting and several landmarks in the region that was inspired by Great Britain.

The game was developed by “Game Freak” and was published by The Pokémon Company Nintendo. and yes, this version runs on the hybrid Nintendo Switch console.

We’re at the conclusion of our Pokémon games list in ascending order of appearance. All that’s left now for you to do is to Grab your Nintendo Switch and “catch ‘em all”.

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