5 digital skills your children need to face the real world

As the world changes and the internet is now the hub of employment as people sort for easily applied digital skills, people have stared acquiring skills that will help them earn a passive and full-time income.

If you are a parent this is the right time to start building your children for the future as the internet has taken over the employment market. Employers seem to sort after people with a relevant applied digital skill who can either work fulltime or part-time as freelancers and full-time employee; what this means is that your kids do not have to run around looking for jobs but they can simply acquire the right skills and start earning from it after college.

What kind of digital skills do kids need?

When I was still in school they thought me a lot of theories, but they never showed me how to face the world when it comes to making money from what I have learned. I was a curious type so I started searching the internet to see if I can find answers to my questions.

I really wanted to make money online as I was so afraid of poverty that I never wanted to be a part of it anymore after growing up in a poor background, but I had a problem, after graduating from the university there was no job waiting for me and I had no relevant skills.

Then I took a step to get myself a job, so I started learning a skill that I can work within any part of the world and today it has really helped me.

Just like I was then, it will bad to allow your kids to go through school without actually equipping them for the future with an alternative source of income which is the digital skills.

Digitals skills are not thought in all schools except those that have realized its importance they input it into their curriculum, there are different digital skills you can guild your kids to learn and at the end, it will put a smile on your face as you won’t have to bother about them finding a job in the future.

Here are the top 5 digital skills for children

Coding: it might sound like a joke to some folks, but it is one of the best skills your kids can learn from the comfort of your home. There are great numbers of tools on the internet that they can learn with and a good example is coding academy which offers a free coding lesson to the world.

Coding has a lot to offer your kids apart from just building a website, apps, or a game, your children can also code Html email and other relevant coding services that is required by companies. If your kids can develop an app that solves problems you will be surprised how fast the spotlight will shine on them.

Video editing: I am recommending video editing because videos are now a game-changer in the digital space especially when it comes to marketing. Statistics has been shown that videos get more engagements than every other means of advertisements.

Your children can start with simple video editing software like viva video, Kinemaster, and inshot to edit dummy videos that can easily be recorded with a mobile phone. This constant practice will increase their interest in video editing.

Creative writing: I have seen children who have written interesting stories that have become best seller in the world, and you know what? Your kids can do exactly the same. I guess you are already pondering how possible is that?

Asking your kids to write simple stories about how their day went is also a way to train them in creative writings. Your kids can pick up interest in writing from just that single act of asking them to write a short story about their day. Stories are powerful tools in marketing as people want to know your personal experience so that they can be motivated and stories are the best way to do that, so it is possible that kids who write can become copywriters or a writer in whatever field they find themselves.

Graphics design: I once saw a 10year old designing logos in his dad’s office and I was amazed at the level of professionalism after I saw some of his work, then I asked the father” how much the little boy was making on a monthly basis?” the man confessed that his boy made over $600 monthly and he was doing this as fun after school.

Whatever skill you have gained, it will be great to share with your kids because their minds are still very open to learning at a tender age.

The little boy who designed logos also did illustration which is a skill some adult will find hard to learn, so if you are looking for a good skill for your kids that will help them earn some money in the future then graphic design is the right skill.

Music: entertainment is an industry that never goes out of relevance; I have seen people who are into entertainment and have never had stress in their finance.

Naturally, children love music and according to research, babies start listening to music right from their mother’s womb so if you discover that your kids find interest in music always try to encourage them as it will help them financially in the future. There are different ways your children can utilize their musical skills to earn online.

They can become music producers, and start making beats for music artists, also they can become songwriters or they can be the artist themselves. These skills can put money in their pocket when they are not with you or when they are in or out of college.


All the skills I have listed are well-paying skills and talents that you need to develop when you find then in your children. Always prepare your children to earn online as it is the best way to keep them off financial struggles or being unemployed.

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